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New Specna Arms RRA SA-H22 EDGE 2.0 Aster Carbine Replica. New Edge 2.0 range from the Specna Arms Brand with many improvements compared to the previous generation. Aster Integrated Electronic Trigger Manufactured by the prestigious Gate brand, piston with all metal teeth, metal nozzle with O-ring, 6.03 mm precision barrel, Straight Trigger and Prowin type chamber. In this edge 2.0 version, all models have an easy spring change that allows us to change the spring in 1 minute without mechanical knowledge, without a doubt an improvement to take into account.

***Now we add Maple Leaf gum to this preparation***


At Vsgun, before selling a product, we disassemble and test it to know what we are selling and the EDGE 2.0 are no exception.

After having done it we have realized that they are one of the best quality-price options right now but it needs some changes so that the replica works and does not suffer breakdowns, such as reinforced gears (This serial part is not suitable for a Gate electronic trigger).

We put reinforced 16:1 CNC gears in all the replicas, the standard steel gears are not prepared for the cadence provided by the Aster and the Hi-torque motor because we are sure that they would not survive more than 7-12 games, that is why the we changed

We clean the gearbox. The Aster electronic trigger works with laser sensors, that is why we clean the excess blue grease that they put in the factory, which is very viscous and could “blind” the laser sensors that make the replica work, causing it to malfunction.

We checked the assembly of the trigger because we have seen that the plate selector is sometimes not well adjusted and some sensors are covered by grease. Likewise, we correctly shime all the gears to extend the useful life of the replica.

We also updated the Aster and left it configured so you don't have to do anything.


  • Brand Specna Arms Edge
  • Replica Type Electric
  • Specna Arms Hi Torque Motor with Neodymium Magnets
  • Length 810mm- 870mm
  • Inner barrel: 370 mm
  • Barrel Diameter 6.03 mm
  • Nub bucking Helium allows for very precise and stable adjustment of ball spin
  • Handguard made of metal picatinny type
  • We install a free Maple Leaf rubber on each replica to improve its performance
  • 8mm bearings
  • T-Dean battery connection (includes adapter in the box to Tamiya)
  • Gate Aster electronic trigger
  • Prowin type hop chamber made of ABS
  • Body of the replica made of metal
  • New Gearbox with reinforced metal parts, piston with all metal teeth, nozzle with O-ring, piston head with bearings, cylinder head and 16:1 CNC gears. See photo 2
  • Speed 330-345 fps, some models with the standard spring do not provide enough power and at Vsgun we install a spring for free if necessary
  • Safe-Semi-Burst of 3, we will send all with this configuration, due to the power that the extended auto has can cause it to damage the replica
  •   ** Important: In this new generation Edge 2.0, the replicas do not come correctly greased (they use an unsuitable grease) and shimmed which greatly shortens the life of the replica and its correct functioning. At Vsgun we will grease, shime and update the Aster Electronic Trigger correctly on your replica before shipping it completely free of charge.
  • We improved the service in the sale of replicas of the Specna Arms brand, now you can ask us for any improvement (except mosfet installation) without labor cost, you can see the conditions in the following link - Specna Arms Technical Service Pack
  • Weight 3200g
  • Includes 2 Mid Cap 125 BB magazines
  • Unique laser engraved serial number
  • Includes ring to attach strap
  • Battery housed in the cylinder head
  • Gearbox Ver 2

*Includes unique manufacturer serial number

**Does not include battery and battery charger

*** Shipping 1 to 3 business days

***** As Gate commented on their Networks, bringing the Aster trigger close to a radio of more than 1 watt can cause it to fire on its own by interfering with the radio wave with the trigger. Therefore, we recommend not placing the radio next to the replica.

Recommended batteries 11.1 V

Option 0 - 1100 Mah

Option 1 - 1000 Mah

Option 2 - 1100 Mah

Option 3 - 1450 Mah

Option 4 - 1250 Mah

Compatible Gens Ace Smart Batteries:

Option 0 - 1000 Mah

Option 1 - 1100 Mah

Option 2 - 1200 Mah

Recommended battery chargers:


Valentin 08/11/2023
La mejor replica que he probado,calidad precio es una maravilla. Las mejoras que le hacen en vsgun es una pasada,le he puesto también el r-hop de pisonic y va brutal. Sin duda la recomiendo
Valentin 03/11/2023
Una replica brutal me encanta estoy muy contento de como la han dejado los mecánicos de vsgun. Le he montado también el r-hop de pisonic y va brutal. Sin duda una muy buena compra

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